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AP Handyman Services

As a handyman, AP Handyman Services will offer a wide range of home repair services. The services are generally fairly minor tasks yet should the problem becomes major, a contractor whom is best suited to solve the difficulty will be appointed and overseen to complete the works. AP Handyman Services will offer the value-added feature to pre-screen a contractor when we are unable to perform the repair. This will assist in developing a trust relationship with the customer so that when more minor or major issues comes up, the customer is more likely to call AP Handyman Services due to its honesty displayed. AP Handyman Services offers fix-it services for, and just to mention but a few; plumbing, minor electrical repairs, fence repairs, window replacements and repairs, decks/patios, painting, interior and exterior doors and locks, gates, weather proofing, paving and home cleaning between tenants.

Competitive Edge
AP Handyman Services will differentiate from the competition by offering low price and low minimum charge. AP Handyman Services is charging a reasonable rate per hour in an effort to encourage people to hire them for tasks that they would otherwise try themselves of just ignore until it become a serious concern.

The second element of the competitive edge is AP Handyman Services’ low one hour minimum. This compares favorably with the other industry competitors who often have two to three hour minimums. This edge also creates an incentive for the customer to call for AP Handyman Services’ assistance.

AP Handyman Services offers the community of Pretoria the finest home repair and maintenance for home owners and property managers. AP Handyman Services will give every customer at least one hour of work at their property.

All work is “handyman” work, for larger jobs that require a contractor, AP Handyman Services will pre-screen a service provider free of charge for the customer and manage the works performed. A minimal management fee will be charged.

By providing only handyman services, AP Handyman Services will always attempt to repair the problem first, replacement is only an option if the item cannot be repaired. This differs from a contractor philosophy which is generally to replace everything first.

Repairing items is far less expensive for the consumer. AP Handyman Services offers a 6 month guarantee for all their works performed, if something goes wrong, AP Handyman Services will make it right. The goal is to not have any unsatisfied customers, again Quality before Quantity.

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